Frequently Asked Questions

What does do?

ListFriendly is an AI for home sellers/buyers looking for an agent. ListFriendly makes for a better home-selling/buying experience; one that’s fast, easy and doesn’t leave money on the table. The right agent should get you there. And Listfriendly AI gives you a list of local agents from best to worst, in context of your home. Listfriendly shows you what to look for and how to interpret each agent’s performance results, so you can make a short list of winners.

Say for example, you have three agent names, referrals from friends and family for instance, and you want to do your homework; run their names through ListFriendly - for free - and find out if these agents listed and sold any homes recently, where those homes were located, what kinds of homes they were - were they like yours - how long they took to sell, whether they sold for above or below asking, by how much, and much much more. The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it in the first place; ListFriendly was created so that you can avoid bad hiring decisions.

How does ListFriendly work?
Why should I join ListFriendly; what’s the difference between joining and not joining ListFriendly?