Though they may be more popular, the more homes that an agent typically sells, the more likely it is that the agent will not have the time to devote an ideal amount of personal attention to each of their listings; demands on very popular agents' time make delegating to - and relying on - co-agents, team members, and/or assistants more likely, and often unavoidable. Popularity - means good at getting listings - it is not the same skill as, good at home selling.

Home sellers that don’t want an agent’s assistants, team members or co-agents filling critical rolls may want to forego hiring agents with more - or significantly more - than 12 home sales during the preceding rolling year.

Agents that sell fewer than four homes during the preceding 12 month period also warrant caution. Listing agents selling an average of less than one home every three months may: not be very good listing agents, be just starting out, be working part time, or be in the process of retiring. The lack of a minimum of four listings sold within the most recent 12 months may also mean that the agent is concentrating on representing buyers. Though some agents excel at representing both buyers and sellers equally well, many don’t; representing buyers requires a very different skill set than that needed to represent sellers.

All else being equal, agents with between four and 12 recent home sales offer home sellers an optimal balance between experience and personal attention.