Generally, the more homes in the same price range as your home that an agent recently sold, the more relevant their experience is to listing, marketing, and successfully selling your home. And, the better they should know what buyers for homes in that price range are expecting, and ergo how best to prepare your home for sale to meet or exceed buyer expectations.

Hiring from agents that sell within your home’s price range is especially important when selling a home that is priced significantly outside most other homes of the same home type in your neighborhood, and so should be entrusted to someone whose recent sales are most aligned with buyers for homes at your home’s price point.

When there are no qualified agents that predominantly sell home’s in your price range in your neighborhood, then look more broadly for agents with the most experience selling within your home’s price range in neighborhoods immediately surrounding your neighborhood. Visit; our map will help you do this (it's free).

The more homes in your home’s price range that an agent recently sold, the more relevant their experience is for selling your home. A more relevant price range for agents’ sold homes translates into more accurate - and reliable - metrics measuring agents’ home-selling performance; our metrics will then be taken from data of homes sold within the same price range as yours.

The “Price Range” metric is not only useful for narrowing your search. Also, the more similarity there is between the homes that the agents being compared sold, the more identical the inputs, and the more valid the comparison becomes between each agent's performance metrics (the outputs).

Additionally, because there are many agents - many of whom will specialize in homes priced very differently than yours - as you restrict your search to those agents with the most relevant experience (in light of your own home), the agents you shortlist are more likely to be those who sell homes of the same price point as yours for true value, in the shortest time, and with the least amount of hassle and expense. Accurate metrics - derived from recent sales of homes in your home’s price range - give you - the home seller- one other additional resource; the ability to monitor the progress of your home sale while your home is on the market, with early warning given that something may be wrong, when - for instance - your home takes longer to elicit an acceptable offer than your agent’s recent home selling performance suggests should be the case.

For these reasons, it is a good idea to hire listing agents that have significant recent experience selling homes in the same price range as your home.