Updated February 26, 2024

Larry Boerckel Real Estate Agent, Georgia at Blanchard & Calhoun-scott Nixon

Sold Homes Located In: Augusta, (Last 15 Months)
Seller Side Agent Stats
Homes Listed That Sold
(Last 15 Months)
1 Homes
Average Days on the Market
88 Days
 Sale-to-List Ratio
Home Sales Price Range
$176K - $176K
Local Knowledge Is Important

Home Selling Performance for Larry Boerckel Broken Down and Explained

Use the unbiased information, charts, and seven suggestions below to evaluate Larry's home selling over the Last 15 Months.


Local, make sure Larry sells homes in your neighborhood.

Larry Boerckel, Sold Homes Map Shows Local Experience

Larry Boerckel Recently Sold the Following 1 Home(s)
Is Larry Boerckel the best agent to sell your home?
Local experience and neighborhood knowledge is key.

Richmond County, GA (1 home sold)

1 sold in 30907

Quantity, find a good balance between experience and personal attention.

Larry Boerckel Sold 1 Home(s) Recently

Make sure Larry has enough experience, yet is not too busy.
All else being equal, prioritize agents who have completed from about three to about 12 home sales in the preceding 12 months.
Home Sales, Larry Boerckel, Last 15 MonthsMobile Manufactured Near Me, last 12 months sales

Type, relevant experience means experienced selling the same type of home as yours.

Larry Boerckel, Homes Sold During the Last 15 Months by Home Type

Detached Home(s)1
Limit your search to agents who predominantly sell the same type of home as yours, unless your home type is rare.

If your home type is significantly underrepresented in your neighborhood, then prioritize those agents who sell more homes of the same type as your home, relative to other agents.
Home Sales by Home Type for Larry BoerckelDiscount Townhomes, Sales by Type

Price, relevant experience means experienced selling in your home’s price range.

Larry Boerckel, Price Range(s), Last 15 Months

Look for an agent with several recent home sales within your home’s price range.
Ideally, your home’s anticipated selling price should fit in a price range within which your agent recently sold homes.
Last 15 Months Home Sales Price Range(s), for Larry BoerckelApartments Best Highest Lowest Price Range

Time, look for an agent who gives their listings good market exposure, yet doesn’t let them go stale.

Larry Boerckel, Days on the Market is 88 Days, on Average

When in a
, look for agents whose homes average between 50 and 80 days on the market, with few or no
Home Sales by Price and Days on the Market for Larry Boerckelcheap price fewest days on the market

Ratios, use Sale-to-List ratios ONLY  when comparing agents who sold similar numbers of homes within a similar price range.

Larry Boerckel, Sale-to-List Ratio is 1 (for 1 Home(s) Sold, at an Average Price of $176K)

The Sale-to-List ratio is also known as the Sold-to-List ratio, List-to-Sale ratio, and List-to-Sold ratio; these all refer to the same ratio, which is an average of how much above or below asking price an agent’s homes sell.
We recommend only using the Sale-to-List ratio towards the end of your agent selection process; all else being equal, choose the agent with the highest Sale-to-List ratio.
Larry Boerckel, Sale-to-List Ratio in Light of Relevant MetricsDiscount recommended friends family great metrics and ratios: List-to-Sale, sale-to-list, List to Sold Ratio, Sold-to-List Ratio

Results, look at an agent’s recent sales, Above, At, & Below asking price and see what to expect.

Larry Boerckel Sale Price vs. Asking Price Results:

Sales Above Original Asking Price0
Sales At Original Asking Price1
Sales Below Original Asking Price0
Learn about pricing strategy by comparing your home’s anticipated selling price to similar homes the agent recently sold.
Pricing strategy - at, above, or below the anticipated selling price - should be in line with those of other agents for homes like yours in the same neighborhood. Note when an agent’s pricing strategy differs from that of other agents, or an agent’s results are inconsistent.
Differences Between Asking Prices and Selling Prices for Larry BoerckelTop referred listing selling condominium, Coop, Condop Apartments Above Below differences asking and selling

Larry Boerckel, Home(s) Sold (Last 15 Months) by Date of Sale

Home TypeRoomsSale Price Asking Price vs
Selling Price
Sold Date Days on
the Market
Address Buyer's Agents / Co-agent(s)
Detached Home 3 beds
2 baths
$175,900 At the Asking price 12/16/2022 884008 Pleasant Home Rd, Martinez, Ga 30907