Updated March 4, 2024

Kasey Decker Real Estate Agent, Kennesaw, Georgia at Phox Realty Group

Office address: 3102 Loring Road, Suite 150, Kennesaw, GA 30152, Office phone: (770) 240-0002
Sold Homes Located In: Smyrna, (Last 13 Months)
Seller Side Agent Stats
Homes Listed That Sold
(Last 13 Months)
1 Homes
Average Days on the Market
21 Days
 Sale-to-List Ratio
Home Sales Price Range
$384K - $384K
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Kasey Decker Sold 1 Home(s) Recently

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Kasey Decker, Sale-to-List Ratio is 0.98 (for 1 Home(s) Sold, at an Average Price of $384K)

The Sale-to-List ratio is also known as the Sold-to-List ratio, List-to-Sale ratio, and List-to-Sold ratio; these all refer to the same ratio, which is an average of how much above or below asking price an agent’s homes sell.

We recommend only using the Sale-to-List ratio towards the end of your agent selection process; all else being equal, choose the agent with the highest Sale-to-List ratio.

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Kasey Decker, Home(s) Sold (Last 13 Months) by Date of Sale

Home TypeRoomsSale Price Asking Price vs
Selling Price
Sold Date Days on
the Market
Address Buyer's Agents / Co-agent(s)
Detached Home 3 beds
2 baths
$384,000 -$6,000
Below the Asking price
2/22/2023 213715 Herren Dr Sw, Smyrna, Ga 30082